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Yvonne Wadley

Sylvanup Art
Painter, Textiles

Exploring the environment is a great source of joy to me. Plays of light, patterns, colours and especially the intricate details fill me with delight. Recreating what I've seen in various art forms helps me relive these moments.


I've been painting in watercolour for over 30 years but have found  some subjects are better represented in pastels or in textiles. I enjoy moving between these mediums, exploring their strengths.

Our beautiful garden has always been a source of inspiration and I hope you enjoy walking through it on your way to the studio.

Walking in the Lakes District
tryptych emerging
Moody day Augusta
red centre rocks dawn to dusk copy
45_After the rain, McDonald Ranges NT_8822


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Sylvanup Art

430 Zamia Drive,

Mahogany Creek WA 6072

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0404 944 503


Instagram yvonne_f_wadley

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