about MHOS

This year marks the Tenth Anniversary of a very special  event initiated by a small group of talented enthusiasts
in 2009.

Ongoing participation has given the artistic community living in the Mundaring hills the opportunity to open their studios in late October and to share their work and environment with fellow artists and visitors.

Following a successful trial of extended opening times last year, some 27 studios and the work of 49 artists will be showcased this season between Saturday 19 and
Sunday 27 October (including the two consecutive weekends) Actual opening days are individual for each studio and their times are detailed in the brochure (and on the web.)  

If you can’t make it to the hills for the weekends check and see if the studios are open to the public on the days between or by perhaps by private appointment.

The Mundaring Hills Open Studio event is rare opportunity to experience the lives of our local artists and to gain an insight into their work environment, skills and methods.

The open studios will give you access to art work in an incredible range of mediums – from glass and ceramics to oil paint, water colours, textiles, wood and recycled metals and much more.  

The artists too range across the spectrum – from professionals with international acclaim to those who work part time or as a hobby – and all of them want to share their creativity with you. This is an opportunity to talk to them, explore techniques, share ideas, admire art and even acquire a unique piece of local artwork.

On the trail there are also many delicious food venues, pubs and wineries and a range of picnic spots – all welcoming you to the hills environment and helping you to create a memorable visit.


In 1991 an artist called Joel Smoker had moved down from Kununurra to a property in Stoneville where he established a ceramic studio and kiln shed. He had been selling his art in various galleries and craft shops but was keen to sell from home as well.

The idea of an open studio came about in the mid 2000s when Joel and his wife visited a number of art studios one spring weekend in the Shire of Kalamunda. This involved an art trail using a provided map that showed the location of these open studios. Joel reckoned that a similar thing could be done in Mundaring.

With this in mind he approached Mundaring Art Centre who at the time didn’t have the funds for this so Joel went about gathering local artists and presenting them with the idea. He received ten replies and set up a meeting. After much discussion it was decided to hold the first Mundaring Hills Open Studio event on the last weekend in October in 2009. A bank account was opened and each artist contributed to help pay for the printing of the maps, of which would be distributed around the Shire of Mundaring. Each member had a role to play to facilitate the success of the project. The 10 members, some of who are still in the group today, are Brian Aylward, Joanna Capella, Greg Crowe, Inta Goddard, William Hienecker, Christine Hingston, Jeremy Holten, Judy Kotai, Graeme Pages- Oliver and Joel Smoker.

MHOS has come a long way since then and now has 49 members. It is a great opportunity to see such a diverse range of art and to see how it’s made. With so many artists involved the event is now spread over 2 weeks which gives many the opportunity to see more.

So slow down, take two weekends to enjoy the hills in Spring, talk to the artists and take something special home with you.

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