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Natasha Baker - Wildfish Fine Art

Painter, Drawer

Natasha is a self-taught artist. She paints in a variety of mediums, inspired by all the colour and light of the natural world, the plants, the animals, and the glorious hues of the sea, sky, and landscapes.

“There is such grace upon this earth.. I strive to capture and express some small part of all its beauty and to bring simply joy to those who choose to hang my work upon their walls."

Please come visit and view, children welcome to pet the cats and pat the ponies, refreshments and toilets available.

Please check out my website


(Click here for directions)

3010 Riley Road,

Stoneville WA 6081

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0407 384 794 


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Instagram wildfish_fine_art

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Sri-Lankan Leopard Snarling
Tabby Eyes
Sphere in Pink Arise
First Waves
Pop Cat Velvet the First
Old Jack
Sphere in Blue
Tabby Intent
Surreal Wave
Amur Leopard Drinking
Green Sea Turtle
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