Mike Moore

Painter/Sculptor/Mixed Media

Mike is a retired bricklayer pursuing a wide range of artistic disciplines. For this open studio event he is concentrating on ceramic sculptures.

A recent trip to Turkey sparked an old interest in archaeological finds from antiquity. Particularly fertility gods from Sumeria, Akkadia and Babylon led to research of similar artifacts from other cultures of the same era, roughly 2,000BC.

These simple yet challenging objects have been an exciting introduction to sculptural techniques and ceramic intricacies.

Unearthed at grave sites, domestic foundations and temple complexes these sculptures have caused much debate and conjecture as to their religious and cultural significance. 
So come and see my harem of “girls.” Make up a story and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.


Leather Green
Sawyers Valley WA 6073

Partial Wheelchair Access

Ph 9295 3470

Mob 0408 885 380

Email sallyahom@mail.com

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Mike Moore
Mike Moore
Mike Moore
Mike Moore

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