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Melissa De Winter

The Hive Studio
Visual Artist

Melissa enjoys experimenting and combining mediums in new ways. As an apiarist, considering leftover wax from harvesting honey one day, she decided to have a go at reviving the ancient process of encaustic (hot beeswax painting).  

Encaustic provided a perfect medium for experimentation, pushing boundaries and combining alcohol ink, sketches, oil paint and water colour for a unique take on botanicals. 

Her home studio overlooking acres of bush and wildflowers is the perfect location for focusing on beautifully detailed botanicals and abstract landscapes vibrant with the contrasting colours of Australia.



(Click here for directions)

The Hive Studio

305 Leith St,

Chidlow WA 6556

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0456 148 333



Contact Details
Melissa De Winter_Suspended2021
Melissa De Winter_Spires of fire
Melissa De Winter_Banksia III
Melissa De Winter_Kalbarri
Melissa De Winter_2021_Surface tension
Melissa De Winter_Kalbarri2
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