Megan Fraser - Priestess Moon

Visual artist

Priestess Moon’s work is designed to impart a sense of enchantment, and she has five solo exhibitions to her name as well as numerous group exhibitions.

Renowned for being colourful, decorative and highly symbolic, her work brings universal symbols into a modern context.
Priestess Moon’s works have strong links to illuminated manuscripts, herbal codex and magickal grimoires.


Her artwork is designed to evoke certain qualities such as peace, protection and prosperity. The addition of gold leaf to many of her paintings enhances the meaning, luminosity and beauty of the pieces.

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21 Allpike Road,

Darlington WA 6070

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0408 993 239


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Priestess Dress 2
Shine & Rebirth
Perserverence & Contemplation
Enchantment, Intuition, Patience
Making Magick Oracle Back
Making Magick Oracle Front