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Louise Thorpe

Louise Thorpe Artist

I am a figurative painter based in the beautiful Perth Hills.

My fascination is for faces and figures, both human and animals, and I love to paint them in both realistic and more whimsical ways.

My aim is always to capture the emotion of the subject. A reviewer recently said that each time they saw my latest painting it was like meeting a new person.

I like to experiment with different mediums to keep my work fresh including oils, acrylic, charcoal, pastels and mixed media.

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Louise Thorpe Artist

620 Charles Road,

Mahogany Creek WA 6072

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0414 436 059


Facebook louisethorpeartist

Instagram louisethorpe_artist

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Louise Thorpe
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Party dress_Louise Thorpe
Just Breathe_Louise Thorpe
The Bond Louise Thorpe
Showtime Louse Thorpe
Flaunting It Louise Thorpe
Through the eyes of the Beholder_Open studios
TheTeai is Real_openstudios
The Girl with Kaleidoscope eyes_openstudios
Moon Gazing_openstudio
Mid Symphony_openstudios
Life is an Experiment_openstudio
Frida My Heart_openstudio
Blue tattoos_openstudios
Artemis and The Dryadd_openstudios
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