Laula Perey

Jewellery Artist

The artist behind this ethical range of handcrafted feather jewellery is Laula Perey, a self taught jewellery artist who soaks up the inspiration from the natural serene world.

Every feather used in her art is sourced ethically from bush walks, moulted birds and the occasional casualty bird. This process of sourcing creates a knowing and story with each feather, where it was found and from what bird. Knowing where the feathers are sourced deepens the story as they are re-assembled into one of a kind eloquent wears.


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Lot 102, Glenburn Rd
(off Glen Forrest Dr)
Glen Forrest WA 6071

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0403 792 410


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Feather earings - Laura Perey
Dream 22
Black Walnut
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Feathered Earings - Laura Perey
Feathered Earings - Laura Perey
Feathered earings - Laura Perey