Kevin Norris


From his home base in Darlington, Kevin takes every opportunity to venture out into the more ‘Global Village’. Seeking out of the way places on foot, bicycle or local transport to find the essence of what makes people and cultures different, or more frequently, as he is discovering, similar.

Please enjoy this sample of images Kevin has selected from his travels over six continents as a prelude to the October exhibition.


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12 Springside Crescent

Glen Forrest WA 6071

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0419 928 037


Instagram kevinnorris_photography

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Cuba-Street montage
Zebra #1 Masai Mara
Street Vendor - Catania, Scicily
Spectre - Torshaven, Faroe Islands
Snowgum Bogong High Plains
Parked Car - Havana Cuba
Orange Chevy -Havana Cuba
namibia - bushman
Malta - doorway
Giraffes - Masai Mara
Bar Scene - Florence
Streetlife - Havana, Cuba
Pakistan- Children in Hushe
Cuba-multi doors-exhib
Apartment, Havana Style
'Where Children Once Played' Chernobyl
'Watchful Eye' - Masai Mara
'Where Children Once Played' Chernobyl