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Jennie Merritt

Jennie Merritt
Glass Jeweller

Jennie is a full time, lampwork glass artist and has been working with glass since 2009. She creates unique, boldly colourful jewellery and sculpture using wire, metals and mixed media. 

In 2022, Jennie has started exploring the art of working 'off mandrel', making glass chains, loops and links to use in her pieces. In this process she is using borosilicate glass, which many would know as Pyrex. She continues to create botanicals and quirky sculptures and as always will be creating a new collection specifically for Mundaring Hills Open Studios.

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Guest Artist at Carolyn Francis

68 Pittersen Road

Darlington WA 6056

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0415 049 330


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Instagram jenniemerritt

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Jennie Merritt Demure but Deadly
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