Ian Kay


One time forest ranger, journalist and manufacturer Ian has a special knack of repurposing materials. Visual Art has always been a creative outlet and Ian is now focused on developing his flair in three dimensional creation.  

Ian’s interest in the discards of life has helped him accumulate a plethora of found objects in which he can see some artistic opportunities. In his rejigged studio Ian’s saved timber and metal treasures become the basis of ideas that begin to fester until a sculptural image evolves. Pencil sketches hold the key until time and the urge collide.


Log Cabin Art

215 Ryecroft Rd,

Darlington WA 6070

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0419 119 810

Email imkay045@gmail.com

Contact Details
Ian Kay - Sculptor
Two Pot Screamer
Two Pot Screamer detail
Wheels of Fire
Top Gun
Top Gun detail
Old Mill (face)
Old Mill (rear)
Green and Gold
Green and Gold detail
Pencils CMW detail
Black Betty
Bush Spirit
Tea House
Time Capsule
Goblin Wood
The Owl and the Pussycat
Tea Clipper
Solar Clock
Red Flag Fish
Pandora's Box
Old Town
Maid to Serve
Loewy Train (detail)
Lid Family
Diddley Squat
Cafe Punk (detail)
First Crossing
Desert Dreaming
Climate Catcher (North)
Climate Catcher (South)
Daily Grind
Chez Nest
Chez Nest (detail)
Cherry Ride
Cafe Punk
Aqua Drone
Blown Away
Snow Patrol (a)
Single minded
On Guard
Magestic (underside)
Nailed it
Light bulb moment
Baby Racer
Inflite music
Get in behind
Copper sketch

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