Gemma Ben-Ary

Visual Artist

My artistic practice is focussed on feminist theory, eco-feminism, and contemporary craft. I’m interested in the expectations placed upon women in society, and in the denial of parts of our personalities and bodies that limit our means of self-expression, and our potential for equality.


I often combine materials or found objects to accentuate the absurdity of the ideal woman, or engage with landscapes and natural materials to re-evaluate our true nature, or to investigate ideas around instinct, biology, or animal behaviours.  I also reference and celebrate traditional women's work, invisible labour, and use a variety of materials.


Many of my projects are borne through the use of learning craft techniques or experimenting with materials, and I am particularly interested in basket weaving, as both a process and a metaphor. Baskets are a metaphor in my work for womanly survival tactics such as storytelling, sharing, protecting, feeding, birthing and nurturing. In my studio I practice charcoal and ink drawing, life drawing, still life, weaving, basketry and tinkering with found materials and objects.


Outside of my home studio I am the Executive Director of the Ellenbrook Cultural Foundation and the Deputy Chair of the GalleriesWest board. My formal qualifications are a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art, and Writing from Edith Cowan University, and an Advanced Diploma in Fine and Craft (Sculpture) from the Central Metropolitan College of TAFE.

Gemma Ben-Ary, Pearl Dancer, 2017 , Mixe
Wine label for Swan Valley Wines, 2020
Gemma Ben-Ary, Up All Night, 2017, Mixed
Gemma Ben-Ary, Milk is Liquid Love, 2017
WestPix_SUN-1407401_PersonalUse (1)
Gemma Ben-Ary, Liver and Lyme, 2018, hor


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