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Dellarae Brakespeare

Visual Artist

Dellarae’s inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, and she is currently interested in capturing the depth of tones, light and energy of waves, flight and flowers.

As a passionate artist, Dellarae has always been very creative and loves to encourage others in their creative pursuit. 

She recently held her first exhibition which went very well and in 2019, she won the people’s choice award at an exhibition with her depiction of a scarlet robin.


(Click here for directions)

10630 Great Eastern Highway

Sawyers Valley WA 6074

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0417 091 966


Facebook Della.Brakespeare

Instagram DellaBrakespeare

Contact Details
Pretty in Pink
Rolling Waves
Soaring 1
Blushing Rose
First Wave 1
In Flight
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