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Craig McKeough

Visual Artist

Craig is a visual artist who has lived in Stoneville for more than 20 years and is inspired by the natural environment and unique hills lifestyle.

He works in a variety of media, from charcoal and graphite to pastels and acrylic paint, with a focus on creating visually exciting abstract images. These hint at objects, landscapes and natural elements, and evoke a sense of place rather than a precise representation.

Craig’s recent work has involved explorations in eco-printing, using local plant materials to produce unique prints which are incorporated into mixed media works.


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24 Hollett Road,

Stoneville WA 6081

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0421 187 932


Facebook CraigMcKeoughArt

Instagram craigmckeough

Contact Details

Craig McKeough _Overstory I_
Craig McKeough 'Updraft'
Craig McKeough Skylines II
Craig McKeough 'Skylines I'
Craig McKeough 'Eucalypt series Wandoo and Cinerea'
Craig McKeough 'Long Way Home I'
Craig McKeough 'Eucalyptus series Jarrah'
Craig McKeough - 'Inundation'
Weaving Way, Craig McKeough, pastel
The Deep ,Craig McKeough, acrylic
Craig in studio
Weaving Way, Craig McKeough, pastel
Vein of Gold I, Craig McKeough, Pastel
Updraft, Craig McKeough, pastel
River Deep, Craig McKeough, charcoal and pastel
Revolutions IV, detail, Craig McKeough, acrylic, ink, graphite
Revolutions IV, Craig McKeough, acrylic, ink, graphite
On a Limb, Craig McKeough, ink, pastel
Delta Blues, Craig McKeough, acrylic
Long Way Home I, Craig McKeough, pastel and charcoal
Into the Woods, Craig McKeough, Charcoal, pastel
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