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Betty McKeough

Jeweller, Visual Artist

Betty is a jewellery and mixed media artist with an eclectic style, and a passion for colour and texture. She works predominantly in silver, often combined with other materials.

She adores the reactive metals - titanium and niobium - for the striking colours they offer. Enamels, resin, textiles, stone and non-traditional materials have a place in her work.

Found objects open new worlds for creative play. Her art is driven by a love of learning, experimentation and ideas. Betty is a story teller at heart, and jewellery the language in which she creates visual expression of her narrative.

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Guest Artist at Craig McKeough

24 Hollett Road,

Stoneville WA 6081

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0421 181 249


Facebook BettyMcKeoughCreative

Instagram betty_mckeough_creative

Contact Details

Draconis ii Dawn Flight
Draconis i Mother of Dragons
Kalgoorlie Art Prize Jewellery Award Winner 2019
Remembering Ella (For Moyna)
Less Than Three (Means I Love You)
A Dream of Wings
Beetlemania Series
Gumleaf Brooches
Fan Dance
Can-Do Ring
Anemone Ring i
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