Bernard Kerr


Bernard works in both stoneware and porcelain. He has been a passionate ceramic artist for many years and produces functional items for everyday use as well as more sculptural, conceptually based pieces.

His work is held in a number of government, private and corporate collections and is featured in international publications. He also writes about ceramics and has authored international journal articles concerning Australian ceramics.

Many works are linked to the Western Australian landscape, especially the Perth Hills. His forms and surfaces are often based on the eroded ancient landforms and life that has evolved in this unique environment.

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1175 Thomas Road,

Glen Forrest WA 6071

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Phone 0434 987 768


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Bernard Kerr in studio 2
Target bowl
Joy de vivre form
Striped vase jpg
Peach Blossom Form
Lobed form
Hills sunrise vase
Jazz Pattern Urn
Hills summer vase jpg
Coolamon jpg
Beloved Bowl jpg
Ash glazed teapot